Swindon Area Masters (SAMs) is a Masters swimming club providing a friendly atmosphere in which swimmers can keep fit or train and improve according to their ability.

SAMs meets on Wednesdays at 9pm and Fridays at 8pm in the Link Centre, West Swindon District Centre, Whitehill Way, Westlea, Swindon, SN5 7DL. Click here for a map.

There are training schedules for each lane and lanes are organised according to ability - from the slow and still learning to the still competing swimmers.

Being a non-impact aerobic sport, swimming is acknowledged as an excellent way to keep fit and a sport that you can enjoy from youth into retirement. Doing it with others within a set program is a good way of keeping up the enthusiasm.

So if you like to swim, whether just to keep fit, to compete ,or you are a triathlete wanting some more swimming practice, come along to one of the sessions and try it for free!  You can join as a full member for both sessions, just one night, or be an occasional member.  The club does not have the ability to take swimmers under 18.  See the Membership item in the menu bar above for more details.

Masters swimmers visiting Swindon are welcome and pay on a per session basis.

SAMs is affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association and SAMs' membership includes Category 1 ASA membership entitling members to compete in the Wiltshire County competitions. Category 2 membership is necessary to swim in the Western Counties Masters, the ASA National or GB Masters and is a separate expense.

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